She represents the seventh generation in one of Hungary’s most prestigious winemaker family. Since her childhood she lives and breathes with her vineyards. After witnessing what grape seed is capable of, due to long years of research of the family’s own grape seed and development of their grape seed milling and pressing facility, she started to use both the oil and the grape seed powder for bespoke treatments in the spa belonging to the family’s hotel.

For bringing the same raw materials: organic grape seed micro-powder, organic cold pressed oil, and a grape seed extract to a luxury cosmetic line, Andrea enlisted a renowned Swiss lab and manufacturer in order to maintain the same world-class quality associated with the family’s wines.

In Switzerland the main scope of the laboratories was to create products that combine the best qualities of the organic grape seed and the newest grape stem cells researched and developed for the use of cosmetology. Along with Andrea herself a small Hungarian team of professionals including doctors in the field of dermatology and cosmetology were the control group overseeing the process on the Hungarian side and continuously beta testing.

No compromises made, no corners cut, The GRAPELOVE line of cosmetics are a dedication for the highest quality, thus bringing to life of Andrea Gere’s vision of premium cosmetics based on her own raw materials, which proves to be the best investment for a woman’s skin.

Grapelove with A.GERE Grape Seed Oils & Extracts

Grapelove Live In The Present - Tartós Bioakítv Hidatáló Krém

Live in The Present

24H Water Balance Moisturiser

50 ml

Grapelove Embrace The Future - Bőröregedést Gátló, Gazdag Arckrém

Embrace The Future

24H Advanced Anti-Aging Rich Cream

50 ml

Grapelove Believe In Tomorrow - Éjszakai Krémmaszk

Believe in Tomorrow

Overnight Cream Mask

75 ml

Grapelove Release The Past - Kíméletes, Tisztító Hatású Arcradír

Release The Past

Gentle Cleansing and Exfoliating Cream

75 ml

Grapelove Feel Timeless - Aktív Bőrjavító, Fiatalító Szérum

Feel timeless

Active Repairing Serum

30 ml