Gere Andrea bemutatkozás

„For me, beauty always comes from within, and it is always natural. If you are in balance and harmony with yourself, if you have found your place and you smile, you will always have that radiation that makes you beautiful whatever happens.” – Andrea Gere

Being the seventh generation in one of Hungary’s most prestigious winemaker family, Andrea’s life has been interwoven with winemaking and winegrowing ever since she was a child.

She learned about the positive effects of grape on the human skin while travelling in Spain. When she returned to Hungary, she started to use this knowledge in the beauty salon of the hotel on the Gere Estate.

As a result of years of research and development, they created the family’s own grape seed oil and micro-grain grape seed powder, the most important ingredients of their range of cosmetic products.

„We track the raw materials of Andrea Gere Skin Care from the beginning to the end. Cosmetic companies usually buy their oil, whereas we see the vines blossom, cultivate them throughout the year, harvest the grapes, make wine from them and immediately dry and grind the seeds. So, we are attached to everything that is made of our grapes” – Andrea Gere

Product development was made in and by a Swiss laboratory that is considered one of the most professional laboratories of the world. They could guarantee the uncompromising world-class quality that is a trademark of the Gere Estate. The most important task of the laboratory was to create a cream that combines the exceptional qualities of organic grape seeds and the latest achievements of cosmetological stem cell research. The Grapelove range embodies the family’s absolute commitment to quality and makes Andrea’s long-cherished dream of a cosmetic brand based on their own raw materials come true. Using the products of this brand is a good investment for your skin.

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