Beautiful and healthy skin is not a question of good genetics. Our everyday habits and the products we trust in are playing a vital role. Grape-seed derivatives and blue grape stem cells are nourishing and vitalizing the skin in the best possible way due to their unique rejuvenating properties.

Exactly this is the reason why among other exotic ingredients, every step of the Andrea Gere Skin Care treatment contains the following two:

  • Organic Grape-seed oil and extract, sourced exclusively from the Gere Estate
  • Solar Vitis blue grape stem cells

The stem cells, extracted by the patented PhytoCellTec™ technology, are able to positively react and connect to the skin’s own stem cells, therefore helping the skin’s renewal, the regeneration of the damaged skin tissues, and to preserve the stem cells’ vitality. They protect our skin from the aging process, internal and external damage, like oxidative stress caused by UV-rays. This active ingredient fills your skin with vitality and youth.

Your Grapelove

Use the RELEASE THE PAST Gentle Cleansing and Exfoliating Cream once or twice a week to prepare your skin. After thorough cleansing gently massage the FEEL TIMELESS Active Repairing Serum into the skin. Depending the time of the day or on the type of your skin, with gentle circular movements apply LIVE IN THE PRESENT 24H Water Balance Moisturiser or EMBRACE THE FUTURE Advanced Anti-Aging Rich Cream. Once or twice a week pamper your skin with BELIEVE IN TOMORROW Overnight Cream Mask.

Grapelove Release The Past - Kíméletes, Tisztító Hatású Arcradír

Release The Past

Gentle Cleansing and Exfoliating Cream

75 ml

Grapelove Feel Timeless - Aktív Bőrjavító, Fiatalító Szérum

Feel timeless

Active Repairing Serum

30 ml

Grapelove Live In The Present - Tartós Bioakítv Hidatáló Krém

Live in The Present

24H water Balance Moisturiser

50 ml

Grapelove Embrace The Future - Bőröregedést Gátló, Gazdag Arckrém

Embrace The Future

Advanced Anti-Aging Rich Cream

50 ml

Grapelove Believe In Tomorrow - Éjszakai Krémmaszk

Believe in Tomorrow

Overnight Cream Mask

75 ml