Grapelove Live In The Present - Tartós Bioakítv Hidatáló Krém

Live in The Present

24H water Balance Moisturiser

50 ml

Grapelove Embrace The Future - Bőröregedést Gátló, Gazdag Arckrém

Embrace The Future

Advanced Anti-Aging Rich Cream

50 ml

Andrea Gere portrait

Andrea Gere

„With cosmetics I’m striving to the same as with wines, since a long time: elegance, harmony, complexity, substance and a signature touch. This is the philosophy I’ve carried on to the cosmetics, this is by which it becomes self-identical.”

GRAPELOVE Feel Timeless | Andrea Gere

Feel Timeless

Active Repairing Serum

30 ml

GRAPELOVE Believe In Tomorrow | Andrea Gere

Believe In Tomorrow

Overnight Cream Mask

75 ml

GRAPELOVE Release The Past | Andrea Gere

Release The Past

Gentle Cleansing
and Exfoliating Cream

75 ml

Andrea Gere Skin Care - Grapelove Feel Timeless