The most important active ingredients of the GRAPELOVE range are all materials of the highest quality: the oil, extract and powder of the seed of the organic grapes in the Gere Vineyard, as well as the blue grape stem cells extracted in Switzerland using Swiss technology. Supplemented with other special and specific active ingredients, these materials provide for the rich complexity of the range.

Andrea Gere Skin Care GRAPELOVE teljes szett


As a result of years of research and development, they created the family’s own grape seed oil and micro-grain grape seed powder, the most important ingredients of their range of cosmetic products. The oil that is obtained from the seed of perfectly ripe grapes is extremely rich in antioxidants. Product development was made in and by a Swiss laboratory that is considered one of the most professional laboratories of the world. They could guarantee the uncompromising world-class quality that is a trademark of the Gere Estate.

The love of nature, the pure soil, the fresh air, hand-picked and selected healthy grapes and the enormous amount of care are all parts of the excellent quality blue grape of the Gere Vineyards. The organic grape seeds are gently pressed to make the most wonderful oil that is then used in the Andrea Gere Skin Care product range.

Our goal is to create products that contain the purest and highest quality ingredients in harmony with nature, because nature is full of miracles. Grapelove cosmetics are pure and clean, contain no paraben, paraffin or other mineral oils and derivatives, silicone or hormones.

A sound mind in a sound body. Our goal cannot be less than to help women make their inner beauty shine.


While Cosmetic brands are a plenty, few of them can call their resources their own. Andrea Gere Skin Care is a brand having the luxury of working with its own organic grape seeds. Cherishing the vines as they grow, selecting and processing the grape seeds as fast as possible are all essential for high quality, as well as overseeing the production of the grape-based actives and controlling the entire process from the plants to the jar.

While rather seldom seen in today’s cosmetology is the high level of active ingredients, from the very beginning “just sufficient” was not enough. Grapelove is about the best, carefully selected actives working in perfect synergy making a spectacular difference.

No compromises made, no corners cut, the GRAPELOVE line of cosmetics is a dedication to the highest quality, thus bringing to life Andrea Gere’s vision of premium cosmetics based on her own raw materials. This makes Grapelove the best choice for a woman’s skin.


The Hungarian Noble Laureate, Dr Albert SZENT-GYÖRGYI was the first person to find out that grape seeds have one of the highest concentrations of natural antioxidants. Blue grape seeds contain high amounts of active agents, omega-6 fatty acids, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and resveratrol that effectively protect the skin from free radicals and effectively hinder the ageing process of skin cells. The GRAPELOVE method is based on two pillars, the active ingredients of the GERE grape seed and the Solar Vitis blue grape stem cells extracted with the Swiss PhytoCellTec™ technology.