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The most important active agents of the GRAPELOVE range are all materials of the highest quality: the oil, extract and powder of the seeds of the organic grapes in the Gere Vineyard, as well as the blue grape stem cells extracted in Switzerland using Swiss technology. Supplemented with other special and specific active ingredients, these materials provide for the rich complexity of the range.

Each cosmetic product exerts its effect appropriate to its category in a consciously created order. This is how ANDREA GERE SKIN CARE gives you the key to preserving your youth.

The complete set contains the following products:

  • Release the Past gentle cleansing and exfoliating cream
  • Believe in Tomorrow overnight cream mask
  • Feel Timeless active repairing serum
  • Live in the Present 24h water balance moisturiser
  • Embrace the Future advanced anti-aging rich cream

145 500 HUF



Andrea Gere Skin Care GRAPELOVE teljes szett


Mixed with other excellent active ingredients, the grape seed oil and extract made of perfectly ripe, hand-selected grapes from the organic vineyards of the Gere Estate and the blue grape stem cells extracted in Switzerland using the PhytoCellTec™ technology help the rejuvenation of the skin, the regeneration of injured tissue and the preservation of cell vitality.


Everybody who is looking for an effective range of products made with modern technology in which the strongest antioxidant of nature is combined with the achievements of the newest research in cosmetology. We also recommend our products to those who, noticing the first signs of ageing skin, would like to preserve the health and youthfulness of their skin.

Embrace the Future - Andrea Gere Skin Care GRAPELOVE

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Frequently asked questions

Can i use it for problematic or sensitive skin?

Dermatological research proves that Grapelove cosmetics can be used efficiently on any skin type.

Why is grape seed special?

The first person to describe the favourable effect of grape seeds on the human organism was the Hungarian Noble Laureate, Dr Albert SZENT-GYÖRGYI. He was also the first one who stated that grape seeds may have the highest concentration of natural antioxidants. Thanks to bioactive substances they contain – omega-6 fatty acids, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and resveratrol – blue grape seeds effectively protect the skin from harmful environmental impacts and free radicals released as a result of stress.

It was proven in a scientific study (The Research Laboratory of the University of Pécs 2012) that the Gere blue grape seed and grape skin powder contains flavonoids and polyphenols (quercetin, resveratrol, malvidin, rutin) that have a strong antioxidant effect.

Thanks to the special micro-grinding technology, the powder of grape seeds from the organic vineyards of the Gere Estate absorbs very effectively.

What are blue grape stem cells and how do they work?

The activity of the stem cells of human skin reduces with age and, therefore, the skin loses some of its firmness as the function of stem cells is regeneration, which they cannot do sufficiently when they are in a less active state.

Solar Vitis blue grape stem cells extracted in Switzerland with PhytoCellTec™ technology stimulate the stem cells of the skin to be as effective as possible in regenerating, thus effectively protecting our skin from ageing processes, harmful external and internal effects and, above all, the stress caused by UV radiation.